Harvey and Amara Daycare & Playgroup (Umoja)

Name of InstitutionHarvey and Amara Daycare & Playgroup (Umoja)
Location of Institution Nasra Gardens near Mama Lucy, Umoja
Year of Establishment10 May 2019
Type of InstitutionDaycare
Age Group1 year and above
Working Hours24 hours
Daycare/School ColorsChild-friendly
Co-Curricular Activities/Program6am-9am Breakfast Club – inclusive of breakfast and a drink.
9am-12.00pm Morning session
Afternoon session– 12.30pm-3.00pm
Full day care 6am-7.30pm.
3.00pm-7.30pm- evening session
Daily/Termly FeeKshs.400 per day
Child Capacity Per Class10 children
# of Caregivers/Teachers3
Locations targeted Nasra Umoja, Komarock, Donholm and Tena
Social Media PresenceFacebook: Harvey and Amara Daycare & Playgroup
Contact details0714 708 424