Use these Easy English words storybooks to foster a reading culture in your children. They are suitable for after school, weekends or bedtime.

✔ “Brother Rabbit”
“The Man and His Donkey”
✔ “Stone Soup”
✔ “The King’s Clothes”
✔ “Noah and the Big Ship”
✔ “The Ugly Duckling”

✔ The Picture Word Book

Order 4 storybooks @ Kshs.500 or complete set @ Kshs.900 (we deliver) 0775 515 430

Bouncing Castle FOR HIRE

✔ Are you planning for a weekend event involving children and you might be in need of a small bouncing castle?

✔ Here is one; it is ideal for small outdoor spaces or even estate parking.

✔ Kshs. 5,000/day

We Offer School Transport

✔ We offer school transport around Langata and Riara per term.

✔ Langata > Kshs.9,000/term and Riara > Kshs.20,000/term one-way